Regular communications
  • ALT Key Messages

    Key messages and announcements from CCN's Alliance Leadership Team.

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  • CDHB CEO Update

    Weekly update and news from the Canterbury District Health Board CEO.

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  • WellNow Canterbury

    Magazine for the general public.

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How our health system works
  • Health System Vision

    Demonstrates the vision for the Canterbury health system.

  • Outcomes Framework

    Demonstrates the shared outcomes of our integrated health system.

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  • Outcomes Dashboard

    Shows data relating to the Outcomes Framework. Requires log in.

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  • System Level Measures

    Improvement Plan showing the System Level Measures Framework.

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  • Glossary

    Glossary of health terms and acronyms.

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  • Connections Tree Graphic

    Graphic demonstrating connections of the Canterbury health system.

  • CCN Charter

    Principles that govern our alliance way of working.

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  • Technology & Innovation

    Explains some of Canterbury's key innovations and technology.

How we work
  • CCN Fact Sheet

    One page printable fact sheet about the Canterbury Clinical Network.

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  • CCN Structure

    Demonstrates the structure of the Canterbury Clinical Network.

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  • CCN Personnel

    Demonstrating CCN's structure with personnel.

  • CCN Strategic Focus

    Demonstrates CCN's strategic focus and direction.

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  • Meeting Calendar

    Calendar of Workstream, SLA and other CCN meetings and events.

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  • Strategic Planning

    Key themes from CCN's Strategic Planning Workshops.

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  • Health Alliancing Poster

    A poster depicting Canterbury's approach to health alliancing.

  • Policies & Procedures

    Canterbury Clinical Network's policies and procedures.

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What we're planning to do
  • CCN Work Programme

    Demonstrates CCN's key targets, actions and timeframes for the year.

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  • Māori Health Framework

    Canterbury's guide to achieve best health outcomes for whānau Māori.

  • Māori Health Action Plan

    Canterbury's Māori Health Action Plan on the District Health Board website.

  • He Kete Hauora Waitaha

    Enabling assessment and planning for improved Māori health outcomes.

  • Pacific Health Framework

    A framework for improving health outcomes for Pacifica peoples.

  • Disability Action Plan

    A plan for improving the health system for people with disabilities.

  • Tobacco Control Plan

    Demonstrates the activity across Canterbury health aimed at tobacco control.

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  • CALD responsiveness framework

    Cultural Responsiveness Framework for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities.

  • Pharmacy Redesign

    Presentation and report on the recommendations of Canterbury's Pharmacy Design Groups.

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  • Community Services Redesign Flowchart

    Demonstrates the recommendations for Community Services redesign.

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  • IS strategic focus

    The 2017-22 strategic focus for Canterbury Health System Information Services.

  • Alcohol-related harm reduction strategy

    Outlines rationale and vision for the strategy.

    What we've achieved
    • Travis Case Study

      Details one medical centre's journey through the IFHS Programme.

    • Primary Health Report

      Reports on outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

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    • The King's Fund

      The King's Fund report on the Canterbury health system.

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    • Quarterly Reports

      Reporting CCN's progress towards targets and system outcomes.

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    More info on specific programmes
    • Better Breathing Programme Flyer

      Information about Canterbury Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

    • Collaborative Care Information for Patients

      Information for patients about Collaborative Care.

    • Collaborative Care Information for Clinicians

      Information for clinicians about collaborative care.

    • Intro to IFHS Programme

      Short introduction to the IFHS Programme.

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    • Intro to Falls Programme

      Short introduction to the Community Falls Prevention Programme.

    • Funded Inhalers Poster

      Visual reference of NZ funded inhalers at Sep 2016.

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    • Enhanced Capitation FAQ

      Information about changes to Care Plus, known as Enhanced Capitation.

    • Te Ha - Waitaha Journey

      A video of the journey to Canterbury's collaborative stop smoking service.

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    Templates & Forms
    • Powerpoint: Alliancing in a Health Context

    • Video: Preventing Falls in the Home

    • Video: Working Seamlessly Across Organisations