Groups under CCN change as transformation work is completed, or as the needs of the health system change. However, the overarching structure of CCN remains the same.

The role of the Leadership Team is to provide leadership to the overarching direction of CCN’s groups and focus the work of the programme team.

The Support Team provides advice and guidance on the prioritisation and resourcing of proposals from groups, before they are submitted to the Leadership Team.

The Programme Team coordinates the day-to-day operational support including programme leadership and management, communications, facilitation and administration to CCN groups.



When a new piece of work or area of focus is identified, the programme team will make a recommendation to the Leadership Team about how the work should be managed. This determines what type of group we set up.

The membership of any of our groups includes urban and rural health professionals who are involved with providing or referring to existing health services, who work in related services, management from relevant health organisations and others who bring important perspective such as consumer, Māori, Pacific, culturally and linguistically diverse, youth and rural voices.

There are some differences in the purpose and expectations of these groups. 



Workstreams focus on meeting the health needs and improving outcomes of specific populations or groups, such as rural or mental health. The purpose varies based on their population and may oversee project work carried out by other groups (service level collaboratives, service development groups or working groups). 

service level collaboratives

Service Level Collaboratives focus on redesigning services and systems including prioritising resources (people, equipment and money) and monitoring and reporting on the performance and impact of the redesign. The scope of these groups is usually clearly defined and will include people involved in delivering services.  

service development groups

Service Development Groups focus on a specific service or area of health that needs developing or improving. These groups focus on the day-to-day (operational) aspects of providing services and usually involve a number of consumers who can provide practical feedback about how the improvements will work.

caucus or forum

The Māori Caucus, the Pacific Caucus and the Consumer Forum are similar in that they bring together members from across CCN groups that bring a Māori, Pacific or consumer perspective. The aim of these meetings is to allow the members to learn about what’s happening in other groups, provide support to one another and share knowledge and lessons. Sometimes these meetings are used to provide training or information to members. 

other groups

We have some groups that do not fit into these categories, but instead support other groups to achieve their goals. On this website, these are listed under ‘other groups’.