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The Shared Care Planning team transitioned to Pegasus Health in February 2024.

Shared Care Planning describes a way of working which involves community, primary and secondary health services working together to proactively manage and plan care with people who have complex health needs.

Shared care plans enable coordination and improved communication between primary, secondary and community health services and real time information sharing. The shared care plans are accessed through HealthOne and Health Connect South and include the Acute Plan and the Personalised Care Plan.

The Shared Care Planning work focuses on design, implementation and education about shared care plans to encourage the use and integration of the Acute Plan and the Personalised Care Plan throughout the South Island.

The acute plan:

  • is a person-centred plan which documents the:
    • person’s underlying complex health conditions, and
    • management of exacerbations of underlying complex health conditions for health providers unfamiliar with the person.
  • is for a person with a complex health condition(s), who is likely to present to acute services within a 12 month period.  The plans can be updated as the person's needs or situation changes.
  • aims to support rapid, safe management of people with complex health conditions, and those who are at moderate to high risk of attending acute services over the next 12 months.

The information is intended to support decision making, regarding the need for admission, investigations, and appropriate setting for acute care.

Contributors may complete only the parts of the plan that they are familiar with, and request colleagues to complete it. The completed plan is shared electronically across the Canterbury health system.

View some demo videos on how to create, edit and print acute plans. 

The Personalised Care Plan:

  • aims to support people to work with their care teams to coordinate care around their needs and priorities and to make the goals and activities visible to other clinical teams.
  • is a person-centred plan which documents:
    • problems the person currently experiences
    • what they want to achieve with regard to their health or general well-being, and
    • actions the patient and their care team are going to take to achieve these goals.
  • is for people who have moderate to high complexity health needs, including:
    • frailty
    • 1 or more chronic conditions
    • ongoing complex social and medical needs
    • long-term significant disability.
  • can be created or updated by any clinician.

Plans can focus on a small subset of the person’s health care or be created across a range of different conditions.

The completed plan is shared electronically across the Canterbury health system.

View some Personalised Care Plans demo videos

Latest News
More than 90 percent of Aged Residential Care (ARC) facilities across the South Island are now key players in the Health Connect South (HCS) / HealthOne (H1) space, which allows ARC teams to access their residents’ shared electronic care records.
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09 Mar, 2023 |
Jennifer Voice is feeling well cared for this winter, thanks to the support of the Care Coordination Nursing team at Riccarton Clinic.
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05 Jul, 2022 |
Staff working in aged residential care facilities across the South Island are finding it easier to make informed decisions about their residents’ care with newly granted access to Health Connect South / HealthOne.
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05 Jul, 2022 |
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