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Kia Kotahi Partnership in Design is a flexible, values-based framework which ensures that people and their whānau are at the centre of designing equitable health services in a genuine and purposeful partnership.

The framework, which was  developed under the Te Tiriti and Equity Group, places an emphasis on purposefully engaging identified partners in the planning, development, and review of health and wellbeing services.

The key difference of this co-design framework is its foundation in ngā whanonga pono (values), which underpin six-step process. These values are:

  • Mana: recognising and respecting the mana of all partners throughout the process.
  • Ōritetanga: equality and equity – from beginning to end all partners have equal power and decision-making opportunity, achieving equity is the driving force.
  • Wānanga: providing opportunities for discussion to arrive at deeper understanding.
  • Mākohakoha: operating with a spirit of generosity and open mindedness.
  • Mana taurite: just, inclusive, fair, cooperative co-design.
  • Tino rangatiratanga: All partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi are empowered and have agency over their health decisions; and our communities and future generations are able to access the support they need to be healthy, educated and to live good lives. 

In September 2021, CCN's Leadership Team agreed that the framework would be used for future design and redesign of health and wellbeing services across Canterbury.

Latest News
More than 230 people from across Aotearoa signed up for the ‘Introduction to Kia Kotahi Partnership in Design’ (KKPID) webinar presented by CCN on Monday 17 October.
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30 Oct, 2022 |
Thinking of service redesign but don't know where to start? Want to build services in genuine partnership with your communities? Join our webinar to learn about our new principles-based framework, Kia Kotahi Partnership in Design (KKPID), created to ensure that people and their family/ whānau are at the centre of designing equitable health services in a genuine and purposeful partnership.
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04 Oct, 2022 |
A flexible, principles-based framework called partnership in design, which puts people and whānau at the centre of the design and improvement of services, has been developed under the Te Tiriti and Equity Group.
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28 Oct, 2021 |
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Step-by-step guide

An introduction to the six-step values-based framework.

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A printable tool which can be folded to fit in your wallet.