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The Oxford and Surrounding Areas Health Service Development Group (OSHSDG), which was formed in 2016, has worked with local health service providers and the community to develope a Model of Care for the Oxford and surrounding areas. 

The Model of Care was approved by the CCN Alliance Leadership Team in late 2018 and endorsed by the Canterbury DHB Board in early 2019. Recommendations in the Model of Care are being worked through and the group expects to complete their key work in 2020.  

Oxford based health and social service providers are being encouraged to join together in a Provider Alliance to deliver health services in the Model of Care in an integrated manner.  A permanent Community Health Advisory Group for Oxford and surrounding areas is being set up to advise the Provider Alliance and continue to provide community leadership in the delivery of Oxford health services and influence ‘patient centred’ service improvement.  Decisions about facility requirements are outside the jurisdiction of the OSHSDG and will be made by the local Provider Alliance and their funders.  These two new groups, once convened, will link with the CCN and other rural community health groups through the Rural Health Workstream.

Latest News
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Key Messages - October 18

The OSHSDG has released key messages from the October 2018 meeting.
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Find out more about proposals to enhance local health services

The community is being invited to find out more about a series of proposals designed to enhance existing health services in the area.
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Useful resources

Model of Care proposals - flyer

A flyer summarising the model of care proposals. 

Model of Care proposals - video

Members of the group explain the model of care proposals in more detail.