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Most CCN groups have at least one consumer perspective, including the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT.)

Consumers are chosen because they have been a user of specific, relevant health services and have the knowledge and understanding to contribute to service design and review.

Our consumers work with other CCN group members, focusing on providing practical recommendations to improve service delivery. They attend meetings and actively participate in group discussions.

Consumers don't act as advocates but rather concentrate and provide insight into the broader systemic issues such as common themes, social and economic context. When considering new ways of delivering services, the CCN group will often ask the consumer ‘how do you think this would be for the people using this service?’ and it's the consumers role to use their experience and knowledge to reflect on the effects and implications of the current services and any proposed changes.

Latest News
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A project which brings consumers and health providers together to co-design a new model of care for people with chronic pain held a wānanga – a forum to observe, listen and learn – last month.
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Members from a range of Canterbury’s health consumer groups connected face-to-face last month, in the first stage of a plan to strengthen connection across groups and amplify the consumer voice across health and wellbeing services.
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Long-standing Community Respiratory Service volunteer Pauline Mohi was acknowledged by the respiratory clinical governance team last month.
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