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Health care Home (HCH) is a dynamic programme of system, process, behaviour and clinical improvement. It addresses many of the issues faced by general practice, such as increasing patient numbers and complexity of patient needs, the aging general practice workforce and unsustainable clinical workloads.

HCH focuses on delivering improvements in four key areas of primary health care:

  • Urgent and unplanned care
  • Proactive care
  • Routine and preventative care
  • Business efficiency

HCH will:

  • Enable general practice teams to provide proactive care for their patients
  • Improve practices’ capacity to manage unplanned and urgent care
  • Give patients choice in how they interact with their practice and manage their own needs
  • Provide better outcomes for patients with high or complex needs
  • Promote equity
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Improve business efficiency

HCH is governed by a national collaborative of District Health Boards and PHOs. In Canterbury, the programme is delivered in partnership between Pegasus Health, Waitaha and Christchurch PHO, with support from Canterbury DHB.

The HCH Teams at Pegasus, Waitaha or Christchurch PHO will work with your practice team to tailor HCH solutions that will meet the needs and priorities of your business, patients and community.

It’s up to you to determine your HCH journey – together, we’ll make it work for you!

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Model of Care Requirements

This document sets out the HCH service elements and characteristics. 

Model of Care poster

View this poster, which is a summary of the Health Care Home Model of Care.

Using Health Care Home

Using Health Care Home

Engaging staff in continuous improvement. See the video series.