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Canterbury is committed to supporting the Government’s vision for the health and disability system.

To do this, CCN is working on behalf of our health system to capture lessons from our collaborative way of working towards an integrated health system centred around the needs of people and their whānau.

We will consider how these lessons can be applied to support our future health system to achieve the Government’s vision.  

This page provides update a central point for resources on the Health and Disability reforms and relevant work underway in other regions across New Zealand.

For more than 25 years the Canterbury health system has worked towards a vision of an integrated health system orientated around the needs of our people / whānau.

Delivery on the Better Sooner More Convenient business case (2010) generated  a significant shift in policy and approach  in Canterbury health system’s journey. We adopted an alliance framework as the mechanism for driving and achieving transformation across services with a key feature being clinically led service development and improvement.

Through the alliance our partners agreed to a principle-based way of working towards a common purpose – improving the health outcomes of all Cantabrians.  The result is the Canterbury Clinical Network.

Along the way we’ve learned a lot about factors that have supported and undermined progress with achieving our vision of a connected and integrated system.

We are working to document these lessons highlighting what has worked and the areas we’ve identified for improvement and using case studies to demonstrate what we have learnt and critical success factors. This will be shared across the health system to support achievement of a future health system that improves the health outcomes for all people and supports suitability of our health and disability system.

Latest News

Health and Disability Services Review: ALT discussion and proposed response

22 Oct, 2019 | Return|

The Health and Disability Services Review (H&DR)  announcements were discussed at the ALT meeting 27 April, with  Dr. Peter Bramley, Hector Matthews and Prof Les Toop providing comment ahead of a general discussion. While a summary of the discussion will be provided through the CCN Key Messages, of note the ALT:  

  • Acknowledged the risk of people stopping progress on other health system improvements / priorities.
  • Reinforced the importance of progressing our CCN work programme activity - noting the Programme Office’s  ongoing prioritisation of this work.
  • Reinforced the importance of our work reflecting the priorities of the reforms and increasingly focusses in this direction, especially around achieving equity.

 FYI: The ALT are progressing work to engage with the Transition Unit on key elements that have enabled Canterbury to progress towards an integrated health system centred around the needs of our population, and how this approach could be applied in any future arrangement. I look forward to updating you on this work.

Further information about the H&DR Direction

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