Unlocking potential: Kete for integrating pharmacists into general practice teams

A kete | toolkit of resources designed to support practices integrate a practice pharmacist into the team has been launched by the Primary Care Taskforce. 

This is the second kete produced in response to the results of a capacity and demand survey carried out in June, where some respondents highlighted the need to diversify primary care teams by bringing in additional healthcare staff such as clinical assistants, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners.  

This team orientated approach can help to reduce capacity pressures, improve patient care and contribute to workforce retention.

The kete includes details about what services pharmacist can provide practices, benefits, considerations, employment models, templates and case study videos featuring GPs and pharmacists. 

Chair of the PCTF, Dr Kim Burgess, says a team of motivated pharmacists and general practice team members worked together to develop the step-by-step guide to support the successful integration of pharmacists into practice teams.

“Pharmacists have a unique skill set that can be used to enhance patient care, while alleviating the strain on clinical staff,” says Kim.  

“Traditionally pharmacists have been focused on medication delivery, but are now stepping into dynamic roles, handling everything from vaccinations, medicines reconciliations, polypharmacy oversight to directly supporting patients with chronic diseases.” 

For a taste of what the kete offers view the videos below of Dr Jason Pryke from Riccarton Clinic and pharmacist Loren Vincent from Halswellhealth.

JasonPrykeforweb    LorenVincentforweb

View the kete here and for further information contact your Primary Health Organisation, Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group or Linda Wensley from the Primary Care Taskforce.  

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