Key milestone reached in roll out of HCS / H1 across South Island ARC facilities

More than 90 percent of Aged Residential Care (ARC) facilities across the South Island are now key players in the Health Connect South (HCS) / HealthOne (H1) space, which allows ARC teams to access their residents’ shared electronic care records.

Shared Care Planning Programme Lead and Product Manager Rebecca Muir says this equates to 715 key staff at ARC facilities now having access to HCS/H1 from across 185 facilities across the South Island with 87 of those in Canterbury.

“This milestone means more ARC residents are benefiting by receiving timely and informed care, because their carers can view their up-to-date health information at the press of a button,” says Rebecca.

“This information includes lab results, transfer of care letters, outpatient appointments, as well as shared care plans, which is an exciting development because it means ARC teams can view, update and create plans to help manage their residents’ care.”

“Part of the shared care plan ethos is that everyone involved in a person’s care, is involved with their plan/s, so for them to be a truly useful tool we need all health teams to play their part.” 

The four shared care plans are: Acute Plan, Personalised Care Plan, Advance Care Plan (ACP) and ARC Shared Goals of Care, which is a plan that the resident, clinicians and whānau create together, which includes the resident’s values and treatment options while they are living in the ARC facility.

“This project has illustrated several benefits for residents and staff. It is anticipated that ARC facilities having access to HCS/H1 will have system wide benefits moving forward, particularly with regards to time saving and informing decisions made around treatments,” says Rebecca. 

For further information contact Catherine Jordan or go to Shared Care Planning page on the CCN website.

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