Reestablishment of Oxford Provider Group

Getting busy Oxford service providers together is no mean feat, but Oxford Community Health Centre Practice Manager Sue Taaffe is leading the charge to re-establish the Oxford Provider Group.

During September, representatives from the local general practice, hospital, Aged Care Facility, pharmacy, St John, police, Oxford Community Trust, Access Community Health, Pegasus Health and CCN gathered at the Oxford A&P Hall.

Sue said she appreciated everyone making time to connect during an incredibly busy and stretched time. 

“The group stopped meeting due to COVID-19, but with Te Whatu Ora developing localities across Aotearoa as a fundamental part of the health system’s reform the timing is now right to come together in an integrated way,” says Sue.   

“It’s important to connect, so we know the strengths and weakness of our services in Oxford and how we all fit into the jigsaw for the wellbeing of our community.”

The aim of their recent meeting was to review the Terms of Reference and group membership, to ensure the group has a good cross section of providers across the community. 

“We want to ensure we’re partnering with the right people from the start, including local iwi, Ministry of Social Development, education and local council.”

At the meeting they also discussed re-establishing the Oxford Community Health Advisory Group to sit alongside the provider group to ensure the community is heard and services are people and whānua-centred and adapting to their needs.  

“There has been a strong appetite to reconnect and a strong desire to work together for our community. This commitment will be the key to the success of this group.”

CCN Programme Manager Linda Wensley said the Oxford Provider Group and Community Health Advisory Group were established, following the Oxford and Surrounding Areas Health Service Model of Care work, to enable providers to collectively identify ways to improve access to the services and support needed by their community.    

“It is extremely heartening Oxford providers are committed to collaborating to enhance the wellbeing of their community. Also, to support the re-establishment of the consumer group as a way of hearing from the community about what matters to them,” says Linda.

“We look forward to hearing how this work progresses.” 

The next meeting is at the end of November.

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