Community nursing voice on Leadership Team

Renee Noble has joined the CCN Leadership Team to ensure a community nursing perspective contributes to decisions about CCN priorities and recommendations for improving equitable access to health care services. 

Renee will be drawing on her rich knowledge and views on many areas of her life: “I am a Māori wahine, mama to five and a registered nurse with specialty interests in Māori health, primary health care, community nursing, population health and pae ora (healthy futures),” says Renee. 

Renee is working towards improving system-wide access to health, education, and social services for Māori.

“The challenges I am looking forward to are increasing and supporting the Māori health workforce; as well as finding ways to reduce barriers and work across systems, services, and providers to maximise opportunities for whānau, so they can confidently navigate and lead what is needed for themselves, their whānau and their communities.”

Programme Manager Linda Wensley says that since Renee’s appointment in March she has made a significant contribution to the CCN Leadership Team. 

“Renee’s role as a community nurse working with whānau every day and Renee’s well considered input to the kōrero ensures the team continues its focus on making decisions based on the needs of whānau and the system,” says Linda. 

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