Canterbury Hauora Coordination Hub project

A short-term project to capture successful elements of our system’s response to COVID-19 and use them as building blocks to enhance coordination and integration of health and social care for our wider community is underway.

CCN is working alongside system partners to capture reflections of the Canterbury Hauora Coordination Hub, with a view to understanding the elements that could inform future models to make it easier for people to access health and social services.

Initially the capture will be used to highlight opportunities to enhance our system’s capacity over Winter and ensure our vulnerable populations health and social wellbeing is supported.

The next phase of the project, scheduled to kick off in June 2022, will see us work through the Kia Kotahi Partnership in Design framework to explore the role the Hub could play into the future. This would consider options which expand and strengthen our system’s approach to delivering coordinated health and social services and work to address the underlying social determinants of health.

For more information about the project download a copy of the frequently asked questions, or to provide feedback, contact project lead Victoria Leov via victoria.leov@ccn.health

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