Lights, camera, action for shared care planning team

It was lights, camera, action for the shared care planning team as they presented a webinar to help colleagues from across the health system learn more about our suite of shared care plans last month.

Rebecca Muir, Programme Lead and Product Manager and Rose Laing, Clinical Lead, ran the webinar for all primary, community and secondary care services across the system via Mobile Health.

The webinar, which has Continuing Medical Education (CME) points allocated, provided an overview of the Acute Plan and the Personalised Care Plan, exploring:

  • how primary care teams and others use plans currently
  • patient groups for whom care plans are useful
  • use of plans in a pandemic
  • how to access training materials to use plans

Rebecca said the team chose to record the webinar so it could be used as a training aid to support health professionals who want to use the plans in the future, or those who need a refresh.

“Practice teams who watch the webinar in the future will earn CME points, which is a real bonus as we move into a space where more health and education tools go online.”

The team used the webinar to explain how much value the plans can add when used as part of a pandemic response.

“Both the Acute Plan and the Personalised Care Plan are seen to be key tools that could be used as we prepare to manage COVID-19 in the community. For example, health professionals can complete Acute Plans as a preventative measure for patients with complex health conditions who may be at risk of presenting acutely unwell. This will help clinicians who are unfamiliar with the patient as they can provide information that may help with decision making regarding the need for admission, investigations, and appropriate setting for acute care. It also provides a smoother patient experience and saves everyone valuable time.”

For more information about the suite of shared care plans visit the CCN website or view the webinar here and the handout here. Primary care clinicians who participate in the Pegasus Education programme can access here.

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