Hui held to discuss how the system can better support our community 

Leaders from throughout Canterbury’s health system came together for a couple of powerful hours on Friday 19 November to listen and to learn what people are saying across the system.

The workshop was facilitated by the Canterbury Clinical Network to discuss current challenges with access, capacity and demand and to come up with possible solutions to improve the flow of patients through the system and creating sustainable services into the future.

Canterbury Chief Executive Peter Bramley said it was vital to hold this hui to gather the collective wisdom and experiences of people from a range of organisations and roles, so they can share their views, build on each other’s ideas and come up with some practical actions. 

“Thank you to the organisers who pulled this session together at short notice, and to everyone who prioritised this workshop and made themselves available, despite busy schedules,” says Peter. 

“It was so important to have a diverse range of views around the table all focused on what is best for the patients and the people we support, as well as best for our system.” 

Senior Project Facilitator Koral Fitzgerald from the Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) who lead the coordination of the workshop said there was a general sense of optimism, acknowledging the pace and scope of opportunities are vast with a nimble approach required for more urgent actions.

“There was acknowledgment of the ‘firepower’ of attendees, with authentic sharing of processes and examples of models used to meet demand and find efficiencies, says Koral.

“At the heart of the discussion was people – including those working in and around the system. Everyone acknowledged that our workforce is tired, but they value them, their contribution and skill. 

The aim is to feedback on the key themes, ideas and perspectives that came out of the workshop quickly and keep everyone updated on the next steps to improve flow, capacity and demand across our health system.

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