Hurunui Hauora Advisory Group formed

Ensuring the voices of the Hurunui community are heard about the future of their health services is top of the agenda for the new Hurunui Hauora Advisory Group (HHAG).

The group was formed after the Hurunui Health Services Development Group (HHSDG) sought nominations from the community to create a group to provide leadership for ongoing improvements and monitoring of the region’s access to health services.

Senior Facilitator Koral Fitzgerald says, eighteen people from across the district make up the dynamic group, with various perspectives, experiences and connections including farming, shearing, parenting, health providers, lived experience, migrant community, education, child and youth and older people, and people who identify as Māori and Filipino.

“It’s exciting to see the new group member’s enthusiasm, passion and commitment to support the wellbeing of their region’s people and helping to make health services in the Hurunui the best they can be,” says Koral

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the group hasn’t been able to meet in person, but have connected virtually to introduce themselves. It is anticipated the group will meet in-person mid-November. The HHSDG has handed over the baton, having completed the work within their mandate. 

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