Te Reo Māori made fun with Damo

Some of the whānau (family) and hoa (friends) of the Canterbury Clinical Network recently completed 10 in-house sessions of Te Reo Māori with Damo (Damien Gilchrist) from the Risingholme Community Centre. 

“Damo is very passionate and patient about his mahi (work), which made each session extremely entertaining and informative,” says Marie Mitchell, CCN Project Coordinator-Administrator.

“We covered so much, including te arapū Māori (the Māori alphabet), mihimihi (greeting), tūkapi (pronouns), rirohanga (possessives), nama (numbers), kupu āhua (adjectives), kupu tono (commands) and kupu mahi (verbs).” 

‘Waiata was sung, including ‘A haka mana’ and games played, such as the number buzz game.’ 

Damo also covered Māori tikanga, such as the process of pōwhiri (ceremonial cultural welcome) and about matariki (Māori new year). 

Damo’s infectious enthusiasm for te reo Māori was appreciated by the whole class, who presented him with a gift beautifully presented in a kete woven by Integrated Services Administrator Catherine Harrison. Kai and waiata was also shared at the last session.

General Manager of Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group and Alliance Support Team member Aarti Patel says, of all the activities I have been involved with over the years, this class has turned out to be one of my favourites. 

“The te reo Māori journey is only the beginning for CCN and the team is keen to do more classes. We’ve been practicing in the office by including phrases on our white board and greeting each other in te reo,” says Marie. 

Poipoia te kakano kia puawai - Nurture the seed and it will blossom.

Photo above - Damo (Damien Gilchrist) with some of the class members.

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