CCN work programme and priorities planned for 2020-21/22

The CCN Work Programme for 2020-21/22 has been endorsed by the Alliance Leadership Team and is now available on the CCN website

Programme Manager Linda Wensley says that our system’s response to Covid-19 saw new priorities emerge while progress on others was delayed. This has influenced the content of the plans and the timing of their completion.

“Facilitators, chairs and group members have considered the lessons from Covid-19 in order to reset their groups’ priorities for the next 12 to 24 months. The revised work plans build on the positive changes to service delivery made through the Covid response and pick up work carried over from the previous year that remains a priority.”   

“Flexibility and responsiveness are important in this dynamic environment. These plans capture where each group is directing their efforts to improve access to sustainable health services relevant to the current environment. Also this year the plans have a greater focus on addressing inequitable health outcomes for people and their whānau.” 

This is evident in the priority actions for 2020-21, which include:

  • Evaluating the pregnancy and parenting programme model to ensure it better meets the needs of all Māmā and Papa with a specific focus on Māori and Pasifika family/whānau.
  • Further developing support services for kaumātua in rural areas including within Birdlings Flat and the Hurunui areas. 
  • Working with key stakeholders to improve whooping cough immunisation with a focus on coverage for Māori and Pasifika family/whānau.
  • Supporting the implementation of new and expanded youth mental health and addiction services.
  • Improving access to best practice interpreting services including the use and uptake of ‘ezispeak’.

This year the majority of groups (Facilitator, Chair and member providing a Māori perspective) engaged with the Māori Caucus to discuss their current plan and future priorities. A similar process was completed with the Pacific Caucus. The aim was to increase the alliance groups’ collective focus on activities that prioritise equity and access for Māori and respond to our areas of greatest need. An infographic has been developed about his process, which is included in the ‘Equity in Focus’ series.

Individual plans are available on each group’s web page under ‘Useful Links’ and ‘Useful Resources’ and a document capturing the priority actions and areas of shared focus across alliance groups is also available here

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