Our structure

The Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) is an alliance of organisations from across the Canterbury health system.

Operating within the alliance framework, CCN members are reflected within multiple organisations and far and wide throughout Canterbury. As a result, CCN has only a few 'employees', drawing instead from resources across the health system.

The structure of the Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) is constantly changing as the needs and focus of the health system change. However, the following are key to our way of working:

Alliance partners

Alliance partners are the health service providers that have signed the District Alliance Agreement, committing to work together in an alliance framework. Read more.

Alliance Leadership Team

CCN is led by the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT), a group of clinical leaders, key managers and other experts from across the Canterbury health system responsible for guiding the alliance's activity. Read more.

Alliance Support Team

Responsible for supporting the Alliance Leadership Team, the Alliance Support Team (AST) provides advice and guidance in relation to the prioritisation and funding of health services recommended by Workstreams, Service Level Alliances and other CCN groups. Read more.

Programme Office

CCN's Programme Office coordinates the activity of the alliance, providing day-to-day operational support to the various CCN groups. Read more.


Focused on specific populations, sectors or services, Workstreams guide the decision making of the Alliance Leadership Team through recommendations on service design and delivery. Read more.

Service Level Alliances

Drawing on the guidance of Workstreams, Service Level Alliances lead the redesign and delivery of services in specific areas of the health system. Read more.


Operational groups working towards a specific outcome in a particular area of focus. Read more.

Working Groups

Active groups usually responsible for delivering a specific short-term or finite bodies of work. Read more.

Canterbury DHB

The statutory funder of Canterbury Clinical Network activity and an Alliance Partner. Read more.