Alliance Support Team

The Alliance Support Team (AST) provides advice and guidance on the prioritisation and funding of services and initiatives recommended to the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT).

This includes advising on resource requirements for the service designs/redesigns recommended by Service Level Alliances and Workstreams, recommending resource allocation for Programme Office operations, monitoring Programme Office budgets and supporting ALT to engage with constituent groups and the wider community. AST also participates in annual strategic planning and Service Level Alliance and Workstream Workplan reviews.    

AST members attend ALT meetings as attendees and participate in discussions, providing advice and guidance as required.

AST membership includes the signatories on the District Alliance Agreement who have statutory accountability for the funding of health and wellbeing services, as well as other skills/expertise as endorsed by ALT.

Terms of Reference
Jane Cartwright
CCN Independant Advisor
Vince Barry
Pegasus Health (Charitable) Limited CEO
Laila Cooper
Christchurch Primary Health Organisation CEO
Bill Eschenbach
Waitaha Primary Health CEO
Kim Sinclair-Morris
Programme Director

Linda Wensley
CCN Programme Manager

Elly Edwards
Communications Advisor
Kathy O'Neill
Canterbury District Health Board
Dan Coward
Canterbury District Health Board OPH General Manager