Alliance Leadership Team (ALT)

The Canterbury Clinical Network is led by the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT).

ALT is responsible for agreeing the alliance's objectives and the focus areas and services that need to be provided to meet these objectives. 

Guided by an independent Chairperson, ALT is made up of clinical leaders, key health managers and other experts from across the Canterbury health system. Members bring a range of competencies and clinical and community perspectives, committing to act in good faith to reach consensus decisions on the basis of ‘best for patient, best for system’.

This includes establishing Workstreams, Service Level Alliances, Programmes and other Working Groups to oversee the development and delivery of services, as well as providing system-level oversight, monitoring and reporting of activity.

ALT meets monthly and is governed by a Charter of Alliance Principles.  


Charter of
ALT Agreed Operating
Sir John Hansen
Independent Chair
Simon Church
Allied Health Perspective (Deputy Chair)
Wendy Dallas-Katoa
Māori Perspective
Emma Jeffery
Consumer Perspective
Carolyn Gullery
Canterbury DHB Planning & Funding Perspective
Dr Lorna Martin
PHO Rural Leadership & General Practice Perspectives
Prof Les Toop
PHO Leadership & General Practice Perspectives
Dr Angus Chambers
PHO Urban Leadership Perspective
Dr Sue Nightingale
Secondary/Tertiary Care Perspective
Sue Fowlie
Rural Primary Care & General Practice Perspectives
Michael McIlhone
Practice Nursing Perspective
Kate Lopez
Community Nursing Perspective
Karaitiana Tickell
NGO/community leadership perspective