Who We Are

The Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) is a collective alliance of healthcare leaders, professionals and providers from across the Canterbury health system. We provide leadership to the transformation of the Canterbury health system in collaboration with system partners and on behalf of the people of Canterbury.

We have formed our Alliance to improve health outcomes through:

  • Transforming healthcare services and supporting clinical decision making and the shifting of activities closer to patients
  • Providing leadership within our health community
  • Assessing the needs of our populations
  • Planning health services in our district to make the best use of health resources
  • Balancing a focus on the highest priority needs areas in our communities, while ensuring appropriate care across all of our populations

The commitment of our Alliance Partners to work together in an alliance framework makes CCN's work possible. CCN is NZ's broadest health alliance with whole of system engagement. Established in 2009, CCN pioneered the health alliancing approach in New Zealand, with the evolution of our approach and advances resulting in alliancing being adopted nationally.

We aim to deliver better health outcomes by exploring new service delivery approaches that provide health care in the community and closer to people’s homes. Since 2009, CCN has developed new service delivery models, funding and contracting mechanisms that are based on principles of high trust, low bureaucracy, openness and transparency.

The alliance is directed and led by the Alliance Leadership Team, made up of leaders from across the health system with specific and relevant competencies and perspectives. Through CCN, Canterbury's healthcare providers operate collaboratively through clinically-led Workstreams, Service Level Alliances and Programmes.