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The Integrated Respiratory Service (IRS) is enabling easier access to care and information for people with respiratory conditions.

Established in 2008, IRS has been fundamental to increasing access to a variety of respiratory services which were previously only available in hospital, making it easier for patients to manage their respiratory condition at home and freeing up hospital specialists to focus on complex cases and specialised interventions. Notable achievements include establishing spirometry testing and sleep studies in the community, and pulmonary rehabilitation at a range of locations in the communities of greatest need.

To achieve this, IRS provides clinical education and makes a team of specialist nurses and physicians available to support health professionals in looking after patients with respiratory disease.

The Integrated Respiratory Service is overseen by the Integrated Respiratory Service Development Group (IRSDG), which includes representatives from general practice, hospital, consumer and district nursing.

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  • 08/11/2016 23:42:00
Breathe easier next year! We've announced our 2017 dates and venues. Check if there's a venue near you and speak to your patients and whanau about whether it's right for them.
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