Radiology Service Level Alliance

The Radiology Service Level Alliance (Radiology SLA) transitioned to a virtual alliance model on 18 May 2015, acknowledging that a formalised alliance is no longer necessary as strong collaboration and a solutions-focused approach is now ‘business as usual’ in the radiology sector. 

The Radiology SLA provided clinical leadership to the service design and delivery of radiology services across the Canterbury Health System.

Established in 2013, the Radiology SLA has been fundamental to the integration of private and public radiology services and community referred radiology pathways across the Canterbury health system, resulting in increased access to diagnostics, better outcomes and reduced wait times.

The SLA had the mandate to review current radiology service activities with the intention of identifying and recommending areas needing increased efficiencies and/or improved service levels. It was also responsible for identifying and supporting the development of analysis and education programmes focusing on diagnostic imaging that will improve the overall effectiveness of the Canterbury health system. 

These worked towards the objectives to:

  • Improve access to radiology services
  • Improve demand management strategies for radiology services
  • Monitor quality of service provided by Canterbury District Health Board-contracted private radiology providers
  • Match workforce development with demand
  • Integrate non-acute (community referred) and acute demand radiology