CCN Work Programme

The CCN Work Programme demonstrates the key targets and actions that each Workstream, Service Level Alliance and Programme undertakes to complete in contribution to the vision and desired outcomes of the Canterbury Clinical Network.

The Work Programme is a compilation of each Workstream, Service Level Alliance and Programme's individual work plans. Workstreams, Service Level Alliances and Programmes undergo annual planning to decide their actions and timeframes for the year, reporting quarterly against these via CCN's Quarterly Progress Reports. Annual planning enables a clear focus each year, clarity on local direction and accountability for agreed targets.

The CCN Work Programme informs the Canterbury District Health Board Annual Plan and aligns with the National Health Targets and South Island Alliance Regional Plan. While it reflects the targets set by the Ministry of Health, the CCN Programme Plan also includes specific local targets identified by Workstreams, Service Level Alliances and Programmes that focus on achieving local service change and health improvements for their specific population group or area of focus.

2019-20 Work Programme

Demonstrates CCN's key targets, actions and timeframes for the year. Download below.