An opportunity to learn about co-design in health
26 July 2018

An opportunity to learn about co-design in health

Workers across Canterbury health system are being invited to learn about co-design in a health setting with a free six-month course.

Co-design is an approach to programme design (start up or service review/improvement) that actively involves all stakeholders, including consumers, in the design process to help ensure the result meets their needs and is usable.

The Partners In Care programme is a free, six-month course brought to you by the Health Quality & Safety Commission (HQSC) and the Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN), with a central focus on consumer engagement.

The programme has the following outcomes:

  • To achieve a partnership between patient’s staff and carers;
  • An emphasis on experience rather than attitude or opinion;
  • Narrative and storytelling approach to identify ‘touch points’;
  • An emphasis on the co-design of services;
  • Systematic evaluation of improvements and benefits.

Facilitated by Dr Lynne Maher, this course will include:

  • two one-day Master Classes;
  • seven WebX webinars;
  • project work, and coaching.  

Previous examples of projects can be found here.

What is the problem, challenge, opportunity in your service?

  • Is there a project in your annual plan that could be developed and completed through this opportunity?
  • Is there a system brochure / information pack that needs updating?
  • Is there a symptom / diagnosis / issue in health that has a particular lens you could focus on?
  • A service improvement initiative?
  • Is there a patient experience you wish to review?

Project teams are made up of up to five people and can be as flexible as you like: e.g. staff, Board members, cross-sector rep… including a minimum of 1 (preferably 2) consumers.

There is the availability for up to five teams to be involved.

How do I apply?

The deadline for submitting an expression of interest (see here) has been extended to EOB Friday 3rd August.

If you wish to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Koral Fitzgerald (Project Facilitator, CCN) on or (022) 006 1647.