Hurunui Health Services Development Group (HHSDG)


The Hurunui Health Services Development Group (HHSDG) was formed in 2015 to provide oversight to health service improvement and sustainability initiatives in the Hurunui region. 

The group has the mandate to review current service activities for the Hurunui population with the intention of identifying areas and recommending where improvements can be made in the appropriate use of resources, improved patient outcomes, and/or service levels.

The HHSDG has strong links with the Rural Health Workstream

Latest News

New appointment - Health Recovery in Kaikoura and the Hurunui

  • 12/12/2016 21:18:00
Angela Blunt has been asked by the CDHB to lead the Health Recovery in Kaikoura and the Hurunui up to full time for the next 6 months. This new role has strong linkage to the Hurunui Model of Care work and so Angela will be available to work with your group to help drive the Model of Care for the Hurunui, taking into consideration this evolving situation. Shona Urquhart-Bevan will support the Hurunui Health Services Development Group (HHSDG) with setting up the meetings, setting agenda’s and ta...
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New Facilitator - Angela Blunt

New Facilitator - Angela Blunt

  • 24/11/2016 01:03:00
The Alliance Leadership Team endorsed investment of additional facilitation hours to enable continued work of the HHSDG. Angela Blunt will take on a facilitator role to allow David Smith to take on a full stakeholder role.
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