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The Population Health and Access Service Level Alliance was established in December 2017 to elevate the population health work in Canterbury to extend beyond the focus of PHO funded health promotion activities, to initiatives and approaches supporting improved health outcomes across the Canterbury health system and across partner agencies. 

Previously a population health work group sat under the Flexible Funding Pool SLA. The SLA’s role was to develop and prioritise population health services that support people to take greater responsibility for their own health and making healthy choices, with a focus on improving access to primary health care for populations with higher health needs.

Through the new Population Health & Access SLA there is an opportunity to develop the Canterbury Health System’s approach to addressing our population's determinants of health, and enabling the vision of a ‘health promoting health system’. 

The overarching purpose of the Population Health & Access SLA is to monitor population level health (outcomes) and to provide advice and recommendations (to the system through ALT) on innovative and integrative ways of providing care and ways to enable a health promoting health system (to continuously and equitably improve those outcomes).

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Protecting your baby by becoming smokefree

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Protecting your baby by becoming smokefree
Amy Savelkoel was about nine when she first puffed on a cigarette. This was behind her parents’ backs of course and she went on to start smoking full-time during high school. A decade or so later and about to become a first time mum, it was no longer just about her own health.
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