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The Mental Health Workstream is supporting a cohesive approach to mental health service provision in Canterbury. This involves improving coordination and integration between health services and other social service agencies in order to enhance service responsiveness and the experiences of mental health service users, their families and whānau

Established in 2009 and aligning to the Canterbury Clinical Network in 2012, the Mental Health Workstream provides oversight of the strategic direction of the Canterbury mental health system with an aim to achieve a user-centred, whole of system approach to mental health and addiction services. Its clinical leadership role includes reviewing current service activities and proposing transformational service improvement.

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Brief school-based interventions and behavioural outcomes for substance-using adolescents

Adolescent substance use is a major problem in and of itself, and because it acts as a risk factor for other problem behaviours. As substance use during adolescence can lead to adverse and often long-term health and social consequences, it is important to intervene early in order to prevent progression to more severe problems. Brief interventions have been shown to reduce problematic substance use among adolescents and are especially useful for individuals who have moderately risky patterns of substance use. Such interventions can be conducted in school settings. The objective of this Cochrane Review was to evaluate the effectiveness of brief school-based interventions in reducing substance use and other behavioural outcomes among adolescents compared to another intervention or assessment-only conditions.




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