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The Ministry of Health has recently released a Request for Proposal for Integrated Primary Mental Health and Addictions Services across New Zealand. 

The deadline for proposals is 24 October 2019. 

What is it about? 

This proposal is part of the government’s recent Wellbeing Budget 2019 announcement and focusses on one element of a new mental health pathway. This proposal includes:

  • peer/cultural health coaches
  • health improvement practitioners 
  • support for general practice
  • seamless access to cultural and social supports, and 
  • effective links and coordination between primary and secondary mental health and addiction services. 

The Ministry RFP documents can be found here.

Who will be involved? 

The ministry is seeking collaborative responses to deliver the service to the enrolled population of selected general practices within a defined geographical area. Canterbury Clinical Network will be facilitating the development of a Canterbury response. 

Development of this response includes the establishment of a sponsorship group of the three PHOs, Navigate Waitaha and the CDHB. This group will be supported by the discussions and decisions put forward by a technical advisory group (TAG). The TAG consists of:

  • Independent Chair
  • Consumer/peer services
  • Primary mental health
  • Specialist mental health
  • General practice
  • Pasifika NGO provider
  • Kaupapa Māori NGO provider
  • Mental Health & Addictions provider 
  • CCN Alliance Leadership Team
  • CALD and LGBTQI+ 

A membership list (as of 8 October 2019) can be found here. Participation in Canterbury's response or subsequent service design is not limited to participation in the Sponsor or Technical Advisory Group.

What happens next?

A co-design workshop was held 6 September and the key themes from that will be incorporated into this proposal. The Te Tumu Waiora model, recently piloted both nationally and regionally, will be referenced in the design of a Canterbury response. Some information on Te Tumu Waiora can be found here.

The sponsor group and the TAG will meet weekly to work through the requirements of the response while communications will go out to stakeholder groups. This website will be kept updated with information as it comes in. 

This RFP is only one small part of a much larger Wellbeing budget, and is only one step along the journey that Canterbury has already been taking towards designing a mental health system that our population needs. Wider - and deeper - engagement with stakeholder and consumers will develop over time. 

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