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Working in partnership with the patient, Collaborative Care describes a way of working which involves community, primary and secondary health services working together to proactively manage and plan for complex needs. Coordinating input into a single proactive shared care plan allows for improved communications and real time information. The shared care plans are accessed through HealthOne and Health Connect South.

To promote and encourage collaborative care in Canterbury, the Collaborative Care team’s current activities include facilitation of collaboration, sharing of lessons learnt across general practice, facilitating collaboration across secondary, primary and community services, education, training and encouraging the use of Acute Plans and Personalised Care Plans.

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Planning to ease Christchurch man’s suffering

Planning to ease Christchurch man’s suffering

  • 24/08/2016 01:49:00
Steve Gibbins spends most days in a lot of pain. Sometimes his pain is so bad that he needs pain killers that he can only get as an inpatient at Christchurch hospital. Thanks to a shared care plan developed with his specialist in the hospital, Steve can now get help for his chronic pain faster and easier.
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