Kaikoura Service Level Alliance

The Kaikoura Service Level Alliance (Kaikoura SLA) was disestablished on 18 October 2016 having accomplished the key outcomes it was set up to achieve.

The Kaikoura SLA was established in 2011 to direct a redevelopment of health services in the rural township of Kaikoura. At the time, parts of the Kaikoura Hospital were almost 100 years old, making it the oldest health facility in Canterbury. Large-scale change was necessary.

The role of the Kaikoura SLA was to recommend how to best allocate health services funding, systematise service provision and ensure access and service equity to the Kaikoura population within the funding available. This includes determining and prioritising services to be established, continued and ceased.

Arguably the most significant achievements of the Kaikoura SLA was the development of a new model of care for Kaikoura health services.

The SLA was fundamental to the development of relationships between health and other government organisations and non-government organisations that impact on the health of the Kaikoura population.

Archived News from the SLA


The Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) would like to acknowledge the health workforce in Kaikoura and North Canterbury communities following the recent earthquakes. We extend sincere gratitude to all those that have supported the health and well being of people in these communities and ensured continued access to essential health services close to home. The response during such challenging times has been inspiring.