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Collection-Gif4648Collection1True{defaultview}False20150003/12/2018 17:20:06
Collection-Gif4649Collection1True{defaultview}False2018055331723/07/2019 13:46:33
Collection-Gif4940Collection1True{defaultview}False20190111874630/07/2019 11:27:39
File-Adobe-Acrobat-Gif4647File.Adobe.Acrobat2018\12\file_20181203_171934_aJGW_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseCCN MH Workstream - Key Messages 26.9.18028108803/12/2018 17:19:34
File-Adobe-Acrobat-Gif2540File.Adobe.Acrobat2015\08\file_20150817_170821_npz_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseMHWS Key Messages 150527020649517/08/2015 17:08:20
File-Adobe-Acrobat-Gif2539File.Adobe.Acrobat2015\08\file_20150817_170751_flv_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseMHWS Key Messages 150624021263017/08/2015 17:07:50

How To Demos
  • Find and view files

    How to find, view and download files in the Web Document Library.

  • Editing files

    How to edit files by adding a new version and viewing previous versions.

  • Mobile and tablet devices

    How to use the Web Document Library on mobiles and tablets.

  • Linking to files

    How to send a link to a file or folder in the Web Document Library.

  • Email notifications

    How to subscribe and unsubscribe from email notifications.

  • Adding and deleting

    How to add and delete files and folders in the Web Document Library.